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Selecting a Home Builder

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Building your home is a challenge in itself. Finding someone who can take your vision and make it a reality will result in a new home that will bring years of enjoyment. Choosing the right builder is an important first step.

Drive through areas and neighborhoods that interest you. Stop and ask homeowners about their builder, how he performed, and what services he provided before, during and after the home was built. Often, you will hear about a builder that you had not considered or heard about through friends and acquaintances, and end up with a perfect match!

Once you have a fair sampling, compare notes and start researching home builders. Reputation is extremely important. Look for a builder who consistently stays on top of market trends and offers quality as well as a good value for your home-buying dollar. How many years have they been in business? Are they financially strong? Do they build in your price range? What types of floor plans do they offer? Do they provide the amenities you consider priority?


There should be a strong commitment to communication between you and your builder representative. Your builder representative should work with you throughout the building process. You must be able to relate your desires up front so that problems and delays can be avoided. Complete understanding of each other at all times will also keep unnecessary expenses down. If you do not understand what is going on, or what your builder is talking about, do not be afraid to ask questions. With the right approach, and the right builder, your homebuilding experience will be a pleasurable one.


Building your dream home can become a difficult process if your questions and concerns are not met. A reliable homebuilder will have a contact person available to answer all of your questions in any situation. Ask prospective homebuilders about their customer support process. Who do you talk to with questions when you visit your new home site? Is there a contact person for questions about the building process for your particular home? What is the customer service policy after you move in? A direct contact person during all phases will help you feel more involved and informed during your home building experience.


Customer service that is consistent and dependable is not just a characteristic your homebuilder should provide while building your dream home, it should be a process that continues even after you are handed the keys. During the first year in your home, the home builder should follow up several times to ensure complete satisfaction. The first follow-up should take place as early as the first few weeks in your home. A second homeowner check should be expected within three months and a final inspection around the one-year anniversary month.

A good customer service record is a good indicator of a strong homebuilder. The best way to find out the truth about a prospective builder is to go straight to the builder's customers. Ask your builder for referrals to see if their customers would give them a good recommendation. Some home builders have computerized tracking systems that record all of customer service follow-ups, so you can see how consistent they really are. Researching customer service records is a smart way to start the process of home building.

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