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Selecting the Right Faucet

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Contemporary Kitchen & Bathroom Faucets

   How to choose the right sink faucet for your kitchen or bathroom

Single-Handle vs. Two-Handle

The decision to go with a single-handle or a two-handle faucet is purely a personal one and generally relates to your anticipated use. Whatever your design preference, it is important to consider how convenient the handles will be when you're actually using them.

Single-handle faucets allow you to quickly and easily adjust the water flow and temperature with one single motion, using one hand. This is especially important when your hands are occupied, dirty or soapy. The ease of operation with one hand, or even a gentle nudge, often makes single-handle models a great choice for kitchen sink faucets and bath faucets, too.

delta_steelTwo-handle models allow more design flexibility and provide precise temperature adjustment with independent hot and cold controls. Two-handle models generally offer a wider selection of spout designs, with handles available in a variety of styles and finishes, including numerous lever, knob and cross-handle options. The style and design options often make the two-handle design the perfect choice for bathroom sink faucets.

Selecting a Faucet Style

There are a lot of things to think about when choosing a faucet for your kitchen or bathroom. These include the number of handles, the finish options and the style of the spout of the faucet.

The faucet you choose will start to indicate the look of your bathroom. Faucet types bring function and style into the room. You need to decide whether you want a tall spout or one with a lower profile. It's easier to get your hands under a taller spout, but spouts with lower profiles minimize splashing. At the same time as you're looking at the spout shape, you need to consider what style or theme you want for your bathroom.


Electronic Faucets

Electronic faucets, or automatic faucets, provide the convenience of hands-free on/off activation and help to conserve water. They are easy-to-use and come in a wide range of styles. For example, Delta recently introduced the e-Flow ™, the first hands-free electronic faucet designed specifically for residential use. The e-Flow faucet features a range of colorful interchangeable handles.

Electronic faucets are ideal for homes with children:

  • Adjustable high-temperature limit stop lets you set the maximum water temperature, ensuring a safe level for little hands.
  • Hands-free on/off activation reduces spread of germs.
  • Saves water by ensuring water automatically turns off.
Special thanks to Delta Faucets for providing this content. Founded over 50 years ago, Delta Faucet is the largest manufacturer of residential and commercial faucets and related accessories in the US. Browse the Delta Faucet web site for more help on choosing styles, finishes and functions for your new faucet. Learn more about Delta bath and shower faucets and Delta kitchen faucets, as well as their complete line of electronic faucets. Whether you're looking for traditional, modern, Art Deco or old world charm, Delta has a style of faucet to match your style.

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