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Integral Doorglass Treatments Add Value, Safety, Convenience

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Privacy and natural light are two items homeowners think about when selecting an entry door. Many times, homeowners will choose a kitchen or side entry door that has glass in it to allow natural sunlight into the home. When this is done, they run into the problem of "dressing" the window. Blinds, shades or curtains are commonly installed on the door to provide privacy and shield the home from the sun's rays. However, nobody likes swinging window treatments or hanging cords on their door. These things just get in the way.

What if there was a solution that provided the best of both worlds - a source of natural light as well as privacy and protection? There is. Integral Treatments from ODL, Inc., Zeeland, Mich., provide the privacy and protection you're looking for, along with a few other added benefits, such as energy efficiency, safety and convenience.


What are Integral Treatments?

ODL's Integral Treatments include Integral Blinds and Integral Shades. The Integral Blinds, consisting of white aluminum slats, are sealed between two layers of tempered safety glass. Because the blinds are not subjected to everyday wear and tear, the cords don't get tangled or broken and the blinds never need to be dusted.

Unlike anything else on the market today, the new Integral Shade is comprised of a soft fabric shade enclosed between two layers of insulated safety glass. "The Integral Shade is aesthetically very different than the blinds. Where the blinds tend to guide sunlight in one direction or another, the shade softly diffuses sunlight coming into the home," says Scott Spence, entry treatments product manager for ODL.

Because the Integral Blinds and Integral Shade are doorglass units, they are ideal products to ask for when you're building a new home, especially in kitchen, patio and rear entry doors.

No More Dusting - Ever

One of the most attractive features of Integral Doorglass Treatments is that they permanently eliminate the need to dust the blind or shade. While this may not be an important feature for builders, homeowners love the fact that they never have to clean their Integral Treatment.


In addition to cleaning related issues, enclosing blinds & shades within a sealed airspace is a benefit to those who suffer from allergies or allergy related symptoms. lists wiping down external blinds & shades as a weekly task on their allergen-proofing checklist. This article titled Allergy-Proof Your Home, 10 easy ways to decrease the allergen population in your home, shows the steps to take to both reduce allergens in the home, and possibly stopping them from developing in the first place. Integral Treatments eliminate the need for this task while providing health benefits too.

Add Light and Privacy at the Same Time

According to consumer research conducted by ODL, natural light is a desirable upgrade for individuals designing a new home. Opting for a door with a glass instead of a solid door is just like adding an extra window to a room!

A key benefit of the Integral Blinds is the ability to control the level of light and privacy at your door. You can fully raise, lower, and tilt the blind slats with the touch of a finger.

The Integral Shade provides light and privacy control as well, but operates in a slightly different manner. A proprietary feature, the Shade operates with LightTouch control bars. These innovative control bars allow homeowners to lift the shade from the bottom, lower from the top, or both. When asked about his satisfaction with the Integral Shade, one Michigan homeowner said, "It provides privacy, but the shades are thin enough to allow the light in. They are also nice because you can adjust the top and/or bottom to let full light through."

Depending on the season, time of day, mood and need, homeowners can adjust ODL Integral Treatments to accommodate any situation.

For Safety's Sake


If for no other reason than to make your home safer, Integral Treatments are worth considering. Adding traditional blinds and shades to doors can create a safety hazard. Hanging cords or treatments can be hazardous to children or pets.

Integral Treatments eliminate this danger. The "integral" feature means there are no exposed cords with which children or pets can become entangled. One Midwestern homeowner expressed his delight in their Integral Treatment, saying it's "baby-proof." The integral feature also means that the treatments do not swing when opening or closing the door. No more blinds or shades banging into the back of your door!


woman with shade

ODL Integral Blinds and the Integral Shade are available in full and half view sizes. The Integral Blinds carry a 20-year warranty and the Integral Shade carries a 10-year warranty. Both products have undergone life-cycle testing and slam testing to ensure they won't break and weather-cycle testing to ensure they won't leak. ODL's Integral Treatments are built to last.

Only the ODL product carries the features and benefits mentioned in this article so make sure you ask for the ODL brand when you go to purchase the door unit for your new home. Both are available through building material dealers and door dealer showrooms nationwide. For more information about this and other ODL products, call 800/253-3900 or visit ODL.

Learn more about ODL doorglass

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