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Understanding Your Decking Options

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Many savvy homeowners are making smarter home upgrade decisions these days. So which options will yield the highest return on investment to your home?

According to the latest annual survey by Remodeling Magazine, a professionally built deck provides the best financial return on investment to the home. On average, homeowners can recoup 104 percent of a deck's construction cost when it comes time to sell the home - higher than most other home improvement projects.


Today's decks are a far cry from the rectangular slabs of yesterday, there's no limit to the kinds of imaginative options to make your deck extraordinary. In developing ideas for your new backyard deck, consider the following:

Decking materials

When planning a new deck, one of the most crucial decisions involves choosing decking materials. Numerous choices are available from all-natural western red cedar to composite decking options.

One great way to make a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors is by incorporating a decking material that gives the impression it is an extension of the room inside. An all-natural western red cedar option is Weyerhaeuser CedarOne® decking - a revered and affordable decking material option.

Naturally durable woods like western red cedar are cost competitive to non-wood alternatives and offer a timeless beauty when it comes to decking. Many people choose western red cedar due to its aesthetic appeal and physical properties. For centuries, cedar has been known for its exceptional beauty, versatility and longevity - cedar brings an exceptional all-natural look, aroma and character to outdoor spaces.

In addition to CedarOne® products, some of the newest and most practical decking alternatives, commonly called composites, are ideal options when constructing a backyard deck -- especially homeowners looking for long-lasting decking materials that require the least amount of effort to maintain.


Weyerhaeuser ChoiceDek® products are made from a patented process that encapsulates recycled wood fiber in recycled polyethylene. ChoiceDek® decking's unique composition and properties allows it to be low maintenance for most household applications. Extensively tested by independent laboratories under hostile accelerated aging conditions, ChoiceDek® products do not require staining, sealing or treating and carries a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty - the best in the industry. It's also resistant to termites, splintering and even dents from hail.

ChoiceDek® boards are straight, consistent and won't split when properly installed. So, you can create interesting patterns and designs. It can also be installed with standard hand or power tools.

Weyerhaeuser ChoiceDek® materials are available in four new colors - Gray, Redwood, Sandstone and Woodtone. ChoiceDek® products feature a unique ribbed bottom design that reduces weight while adding stiffness. The product line also includes a complete, decorative railing system including posts, caps, railing, and balusters. Handrails are even pre-grooved so wires for outdoor lighting, security or audio systems can be conveniently hidden.


In addition to the different decking material options, consider different sizes and layout packages. Decks with different levels nicely divide what might otherwise be blank, similar spaces. A few steps up or down portray the allusion of expansiveness and privacy, not to mention quaint spots for guests to soak up views from different angles.


Additionally, there's no limit to the size of your new deck. The average deck size is 300 to 400 square feet, and the more levels you add to take advantage of the outdoor experience, the larger deck required.

Built-in decorating

Built-in seating is an invitation to lounge awhile. Why not build a bench along a stretch of deck with an unobstructed view? This allows you to invite the warmth of the deck into your furniture, and creates a unified look between your indoor space and the outdoor surroundings.


A distinctive and practical decoration method is to change the deck board direction; an angle change or unique board pattern provides a subtle beautification. Lately, many homebuyers are requesting distinctive board designs like an octagon inlay underneath a cedar table - so unique, people often mistake it for a decorative rug.

Additionally, incorporate nature into the decking area by adding a planter box at select locations. These stylish boxes are simple to build and can dress up the outdoor living space when filled with colorful flowers, herbs, vegetables, etc.

Learn more about all Weyerhaeuser's decking products

Learn more about Weyerhaeuser products

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