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What's New in Flooring

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Since the availability of various flooring options are almost limitless these days, it is important for new homeowners to become intimately aware with the most up-to-date materials, designs and industry trends resonating throughout the marketplace. The days of toned-down neutral everything are fading, and the design trend toward color, pattern and texture has extended down to the floor.

For those looking for something more upscale than carpet or vinyl tile, many of today's flooring trends and options offer much more than just performance. Newly developed materials allow homeowners to bring the element of luxury into any living space. For anyone looking to add style and value to their home, the timeless appeal and warmth of hardwood will pay dividends for years to come.

Material Options


Choosing wood flooring used to be a simple decision: oak or maple. But today, you'll find a world of alternative options beneath: Australian Cypress, African Cameron and Brazilian Lyptus® hardwood among others. More species are available now, and as the hardwood flooring industry boom continues, it's natural that a wider variety will hit the market. Also, people are always searching for something unique that offers a different grain and has deep, rich colors.

When looking at hardwood options, keep in mind that some are harvested from old growth forests where environmental regulations are lax. If it's important to you to make environmentally responsible choices in your building products, take a look at Lyptus® flooring. Lyptus® hardwood is a new, environmentally responsible product made of Eucalyptus trees. It is an extremely versatile hardwood that can take on virtually any stain or finish a homeowner desires, making it good for the environment and easy on the eyes.

Lyptus® lumber comes from a Eucalyptus hybrid grown on plantations. One-third of the area is kept in native vegetation to help maintain elements of the natural ecosystem. After the first harvest, Eucalyptus trees are grown from the stump or root structure of the prior generation of trees, minimizing disturbance of the land-and making Lyptus® products a smart choice.


Lyptus® products, available as flooring or as lumber for furniture and cabinets, has generated enthusiasm among homeowners and professionals alike. "Everyone gets excited when they first see it," says Pete Gargano, market development manager for Weyerhaeuser.

"Everyone who sees our floor asks, 'What is this?' Already two families who saw our floor have installed it in their homes," adds Mike Garner, co-owner of Lafferty Lumber in Lemoyne, Penn.

Flooring Designs

Probably the most overlooked aspect of interior design is creating a harmonious grouping of complementary spaces, rather than a collection of various rooms. One of the easiest ways to establish architectural consistency is with complementary hardwoods.

Consistent hardwood creates both a visual and physical flow throughout the home. One way is to use the same hardwood throughout the entire house for the floor, cabinetry, molding and millwork accents - then staining it with different finishes.

A lighter floor sets off dark cabinetry beautifully or vice versa - the higher the contrast, the greater the impact. Lyptus® products features a beautiful grain making it a versatile hardwood that takes a wide range of stains and finishes evenly such as: walnut, cherry, mahogany or maple - depending on the finish material used. And it is a durable choice for any home.

Today's homeowners can have it all in their hardwood choices - a wide choice of styles, good value and responsible environmental practices. Couple these characteristics with natural aesthetic advantages and a high return on investment, and hardwood floors are destined to be a favorite for many years to come.

To learn more about Lyptus® products call (877) 235-6873, or visit to locate the distribution center nearest you. Lyptus® is one product of Weyerhaeuser Forrestar™ flooring - a broad line of solid, engineered and laminate flooring styles and options. Lyptus® products are manufactured by Weyerhaeuser and Aracruz Wood Products de Madeira, S.A., through a Joint Operating agreement, and distributed by Weyerhaeuser throughout North America.

Learn more about Weyerhaeuser products

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